The Luzerne/Schuylkill Workforce Development Board posted the modifications of the Workforce Innovation & Opportunity Act Program Year 2017-2020 Multi-Year Northeast Regional Plan and NEO75-Luzerne/Schuylkill Local Plan for the period January 1, 2018 to June 30, 2021.  The 30-day public comment period begins August 23, 2019 through September 21, 2019. Comments may be directed to  with subject line titled, LOCAL PLAN COMMENTS” or “REGIONAL PLAN COMMENTS”. The comment period closes at 12 p.m.  on September 21, 2019.

The Plans and Modification Forms can be viewed by clicking on the links below. Modifications include strikeouts for outdated narrative and yellow highlights with updated narrative.  Modifications include updated programmatic information, statistics, and strategy, as well as minor grammatical and formatting alterations.

Public Notice

Modification Form Northeast Regional Plan 08.23.19          DRAFT Modification Northeast Regional Plan 08.23.19

Modification Form NE075-Luzerne-Schuylkill Local Plan 08.23.19      DRAFT Modification NE075-Luzerne-Schuylkill Local Plan 08.23.19 

NE7 Northeast Regional Plan (Approved 12.18.17)

NE7-Luzerne-Schuylkill Local Plan (Approved 12.18.17)