Logistics and transportation is an industry cluster in the L/S WIB region.Industry Partnerships are the cornerstone of Pennsylvania’s new, industry-led, demand-driven workforce development strategy. This new strategy is focused on creating a skilled workforce through industry-specific training and education programs developed in cooperation with business and industry leaders – with funding made possible through the support of the Pennsylvania General Assembly. Industry Partnerships bring together multiple employers in the same industry group or cluster to identify and address common workforce needs. These partnerships provide companies with a more cost-effective way to provide training to their employees – training they may not otherwise be able to afford on their own. In addition, Industry Partnerships provide companies with access to region- and industry-specific labor market information, and allow even the smallest businesses to better compete in the global marketplace.
Industry Partnerships were designed to overcome longstanding frustrations employers had with the workforce and education systems. By bringing industry to the table in a collaborative effort, Industry Partnerships help boost the competitiveness of their individual businesses, and ultimately Pennsylvania’s economy as a whole.

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Industry clusters bring together multiple employers in the same industry group, or cluster, to identify and address common workforce needs. First developed in April 2004 by the Pennsylvania Department of Labor & Industry’s Center for Workforce Information & Analysis, clusters are used by the state’s lead workforce development agencies to develop effective workforce strategies that focus training dollars on existing and projected job opportunities.

Industry Partnerships

Detailed One-Page Summaries:
pdf Industry Partnership One Page Summaries WIB Symposium 2010 (667 KB)

    1. Advanced Materials and Diversified Manufacturing
        • Chemical, Rubber and Plastics
        • Electronics
        • Metals and Metal Fabrication
        • Printing
        • Vehicle and Vehicle Equipment
    2. Agriculture and Food Production
    3. Building and Construction
        • Pre-Apprenticeship
    4. Business and Financial Services
        • Financial and Industry
        • Business Services
    5. Education

    6. Energy


    1. Information and Communication Services


    1. Life Sciences
        • Bio-Medical
        • Health Care
    2. Logistics and Transportation


  1. Lumber, Wood and Paper